The Decline of Compassion in Today’s Modern Society

We’re wired for compassion. It’s a natural tendency, passed onto us by our ancestors. It was vital for human survival then and it’s vital now. But over the course of one’s lifetime, it gradually withers as we witness unkind and unjust acts – some even of our own making. We start to see through the

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Upsides of Procrastination

We’re often consumed with guilt and shame when we catch ourselves procrastinating. Procrastination can subconsciously creep up and without meaning to, we end the day without completing the task we meant to do, even if it seems like we were busy all day. Procrastinating isn’t the act of “not doing anything.” Rather, it’s a tendency

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Procrastinate: Allow yourself to heal

We’re constantly asking for more time. And even when more time have been granted, it still doesn’t feel enough. At this moment, I’m experiencing a lockdown in San Francisco with no definite end, and the rest of the world seem to be on quarantine as well. Suddenly, we’re given all this extra time to do

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Embracing your multi-passionate nature

Many of us were taught that to be a successful adult, you need to pursue and focus on one financially secure, and rewarding career. Although this may work for some people, it’s not a road everyone can take. While there are individuals who already have an idea of what they want to do, and have

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13 safety tips for solo female travelers

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of new experiences. Solo travel is empowering, and leads to new adventures. Although spontaneity is key  to an amazing travel experience, safety is important too. Safety is one of the main concerns for people who are still hesitant in taking that first step in solo travelling.

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